Are You Making Cleaning Worse With These Moves?

Could you be doing more harm than good when you are cleaning your home? Read on to see how some common cleaning practices might actually be doing the reverse of what we want them to.  Are You Making Cleaning Worse With These Moves?

Using Dish Towels on Everything in the Kitchen 

Using the same dish towel to dry your hands, wipe down counters, and dry the dishes spread germs and mess around instead of cleaning things up. A dish towel picks up crumbs, grease, food, and other germs on the counter. These germs hang around waiting to hop onto those clean dishes and hands. Dishes are only clean as the towel they are dried with.  

Use a separate towel for each use. Keep it super easy by using a different color or pattern towel for each task. Also, make sure to change and wash them regularly.  

 Mopping All of your Hard-Surface Floors 

A mop seems like the perfect tool to clean any hard surface floor, but for some floors old fashioned bucket and rag mopping is not the best method. Not only is traditional mopping not the best method for every hard-surface floor type, but many people also do it wrong to begin with. They don’t rinse out the mop often enough and they don’t change out the mop water when it gets dirty. This ends in the spread of dirt instead of the removal of it.  

Make sure to research the best cleaning method for your floor type, and always remember to change out mop heads/cleaning cloths and the mop bucket often.  

Using Newspaper to Clean Windows 

There is a popular cleaning tip out there that says cleaning windows with newspaper results in lint and streak free windows as opposed to using paper towels. Newspapers are full of ink and small particles of dirt from wherever they have been. Using newspapers to clean windows can actually leave them dirty or even cause tiny scratches. The best way to clean windows is with a squeegee and microfiber towel.  

Not Washing the Kitchen Sink 

All too often many of us think about scrubbing down counters and getting those dishes we can’t get into the dishwasher clean. Unless say the garbage disposal is giving off a funky odor we don’t really think about cleaning out the kitchen sink.  

Give the kitchen sink some attention and give it a quick wash up with some dish soap before washing the dishes. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the drain and drain guard.  

Using Just One Cloth or Sponge for the Whole House 

Not switching out your cleaning tools often enough will leave every room in your home with a big mix of every germ from every area of your house. Clothes and sponges fill up with dirt and when they get full they begin to deposit dirt instead of lift it. Make sure to pay attention to the grime level in your cleaning tool and change it out. It is not uncommon for the same room to take several cloths.  

Scrubbing Spots/Stains in the Carpet 

The instinctual reaction when trying to get a stain out of the carpet is to apply cleaner and start scrubbing vigorously. Scrubbing the carpet can actually cause significant damage by untwisting and/or fraying the carpet fibers. Instead, the best way to spot clean is to use a gentle blotting technique. 

Not Having Professional Deep Cleanings Done 

Over time grime and dirt settle deep into surfaces in your home like the carpet, cracks in between the hardwood, tile grout, and upholstered furniture. If not cleaned out the dirt and grime can wear down these surfaces in your home and they won’t perform or last as long as intended.  

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