Marmoleum / Linoleum Refinishing Tips (Cleaners we use, Tools)

We’ve cleaned a wide variety of linoleum and Marmoleum floors—their durability makes them a great choice for just about any area in the home, including kitchens, utility rooms, and more.

They still can become scratched and worn, however, which is why we often go beyond basic cleaning with a process that can help restore the look and feel of these floors. Usually, clients who need this work have older floors that have simply been used a lot over the years. But occasionally, we’ll get the call to help with a unique situation, as we did in West Seattle recently.

An overnight accident 

Our West Seattle client didn’t realize some liquid drain cleaner had spilled on their basement floor, which was about a year old and in great shape—until the drain cleaner sat there overnight, that is. (We probably don’t need to tell you this, but liquid drain cleaner can eat away at floors just about as effectively as it disintegrates clogs.)

This was a big problem, not only because there was damage to the floor, but also because of the timing. The holidays were getting close, and the family also had other projects in progress. They needed a fix as quickly as possible.

Breaking out the heavy artillery

We used several types of machines for this job, which took two technicians about six hours to complete. A Square Scrub oscillating scrubber with 3M pads removed material and got most of the stain out so we could resurface the entire area. Then, we extracted the slurry and rinsed the floor with an auto-scrubber.

It’s important to note that it was impossible to eliminate the entire stain—some things (like drain cleaner) just do too much damage, especially when they go undiscovered for a while. But the client was very happy, because the floor looked significantly better and the cost was far lower than replacing the entire floor.

More than just carpets … and more than just cleaning

Whether your home has carpet, hardwoods, tile, or other types of flooring, we can help you keep it looking great—or get it back to looking great if spills and stains have taken some of the life out of it. Just get in touch with us online or call us at 888‑771‑4109.