If you have furry family members you know that they have accidents inside the home. It is just a part of pet ownership. There is a product that has been invented to help home owners with pet accidents in the carpet known as moisture resistant carpet padding. This product seems to be very useful to anyone with pets, but is it really worth the investment dollars? Here are some things to consider before spending the extra dough on moisture resistant carpet padding.Moisture Resistant Carpet Padding

Moisture resistant carpet padding is made with a special moisture resisting barrier on the top layer of the padding to prevent moisture from seeping down into the pad. All the moisture protection is for the padding not the carpet. While it is very important to keep moisture out of the carpet padding to prevent serious problems such as mold growth this does not protect the carpet in any way. The pet urine still travels through the carpet before it reaches the protective barrier.

When carpet and padding are installed in a home there are seems where the pieces come together. Unless you are installing carpet in a small and perfectly square room you will have a seem. When using moisture resistant carpet padding the seems have to be installed with great care to ensure the padding does not allow for moisture to travel between the edges of the padding and down into the main part of the padding.

Since the moisture barrier only protects the padding the moisture has to go some where and it usually sits at the bottom of the carpet which is not good for the fibers. This may be a good investment if you have a small pet that has few accidents on the carpet. For home owners with large pets and pets who urinate frequently in the home especially in one area of the home as is common in older pets you are more likely to see carpet delamination from too much moisture in the carpet in one area. Carpet delamination is the process of the carpet fibers separating from the backing of the carpet when the glue breaks down.

Carpet padding is an important part of your carpet purchase. You will want to buy a good quality pad to help keep the life of your carpet lasting longer.

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