Most Common Reasons for Water Damage in Homes

Water damage is not an uncommon problem in homes all over the world. When water damageoccurs it is crucial to clean up the water right away and repair the damage it has done to the structure of the home. Here are some main reasons water damage occurs in the home.

Broken Pipes

Old or poorly installed pipes are likely to burst. Many homes have piping that is aging and tired and some have piping that was done illegally by an amateur or unskilled worker trying to pass for a contractor. If your home is older and you are unsure of what kind of piping is running through the walls it would be a good idea to have the piping in your home inspected. You may find that your pipes are in need of repair or even replacement which could cost a large sum of money but would be better than having a large water damage problem on your hands. If you are replacing pipe in your home make sure you have done your research before hiring just anyone to do the job, it is a major expense and it is crucial that it is done well with the correct materials.

Heavy Storms

Here in the northwest we experience a hefty amount of moisture mostly in the form of rain. A few times a year we can expect to get a storm or two that can lead towater damage in the home especially if a yard is graded improperly or an egress window was not properly installed. It is not uncommon for basements especially in historic homes to experience moisture issues during a storm.


Overflowing tubs and sinks can lead to big repairs. When plugging a tub and filling with water, people have been known to get distracted while filling the tub and forget about the fact that the water is still running in the other room and before they know it there is water everywhere. It is a good idea to take into practice that if you leave the room the water goes off in any situation.

If you find yourself in need of water cleanup especially if you have large amount of water in your carpeting give All Kleen a call. We have a 60 minute emergency response time 24 hours a day to help you in a water emergency and we will work with your insurance adjuster on the billing..