Most Important Upholstery Cleaning Tips

The furniture in your home gets a lot of use. With time there are many things that accumulate there. We aren’t just talking about those treasures hidden in-between and underneath your couch cushions that so many sitcom families on TV make light of. Over time your couch accumulates things like dust, pet dander, and hidden dirt that if left unclean over time can begin to make your furniture look dull and dingy.

Keeping your furniture clean is important not only to the longevity of your furniture but also is a big aid in keeping a healthy environment in your home. Here are some important tips forupholstery care that every furniture owner should know in order to keep your furniture in top shape.

-Check the manufacturer’s label before you begin any kind of cleaning especially spot treatments.

On most furniture this will be on a tag sewn onto the seam of one of the cushions. This label will give information on what type of fabric the furniture is upholstered in and the best cleaning solutions to use on the fabric. Many fabrics can be safely cleaned and spot treated within the home but some fabrics are delicate and require the use of professional products for any and all cleaning.

-Always, always, always vacuum before cleaning the entire piece of furniture. Vacuuming will remove any dirt, dust, and dander that is hanging out on the surface of your furniture. In fact vacuuming furniture on a regular basis is a good routine practice for proper furniture care. Try to vacuum our furniture at least once every one to two weeks. If you clean without vacuuming you run the risk of just wetting the dust making the furniture appear dirtier.

-Always test cleaning solutions on an unseen area of the fabric such as the underside of the cushion to ensure it is in fact safe to use on the fabric without ruining it.

-Clean spills as soon as they happen and unknown spots as soon as they are spotted. The longer a spill is left the more risk you take in it becoming a permanent stain.

-Learn furniture cleaning codes to know how to care for your furniture. You can find more information on furniture cleaning codes and their meanings in our blog article here.

-Have your furniture professionally deep cleaned on a regular basis. Even with the best at home care it is a good practice to have your upholstery deep cleaned by a professional to get it the deepest clean possible. A pro may also be able to help with stains that you were unsuccessful at removing yourself.

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