Having your carpet professionally cleaned takes time and a small investment of your money. After all the work put in to get the carpets in top shape you will no doubt want to keep them fresh and clean as long as possible. Right after you have your floors cleaned you will want to wait before moving the furniture back in or walking across the carpet.Moving Furniture Back into a Room After Cleaning

Just after the carpet is finished being cleaned it will be damp for a significant amount of time. It is important to give the carpet time to breath and dry before going back to your normal household routine in the room. Walking across the floor will bring dirt back into the room and make it a little tougher to clean up than if the floor where dry. With a hot water extraction you will want to wait four to six hours before resuming foot traffic on the carpet. If you must walk across the freshly cleaned flooring before the drying time is up it is best to grab a fresh pair of clean white socks and use as few steps as possible.

If you have moved furniture out of the room it is best to wait a full 24 hours before bringing your furniture back into the room. Some cleaning companies will place protective waterproof coverings under the feet of heavy furniture that wont be moved from the room. Wait 24 hours to pull this covering out. Bringing furniture back into a room too quickly could crush the fibers of the carpet or cause bleeding from furniture finishes or rust from metal finishes.

If you have questions about post cleaning carpet care don’t be afraid to ask your carpet cleaning technician. Many carpet cleaning pros will let you know the basics of post cleaning care.

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