If you are moving into an apartment that is not brand new and has been lived in before chances are you will be left with signs of the old tenants and their habits. One big clue into the way the previous tenant lived is left behind odors especially cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke leaves behind some of the toughest odors to remove, but it is possible to get your new pad fresh and clean with no evidence that a smoker ever lived there.Moving into a Home Previously Owned or Rented by Smokers

Note: before attempting any large deep cleaning in your apartment you will want to check with management first.

Air it Out

Open up every window and door and get some fresh air in the place. Leave them open for at least 24 hours. Get a large bag of coffee and leave a bowl of open beans or grounds in each room. Coffee will absorb the smoke in the air and leave the place smelling like your favorite coffee house. Don’t like coffee? Use vinegar instead. The vinegar smell will be gone after a short while once the air has been freshened and the vinegar disposed of.

Clean all Walls and Surfaces

Cigarette smoke permeates everything it touches and leaves a film on every surface it comes in contact with so you will want to scrub every surface in your apartment. Vinegar is a natural powerhouse against the crud left behind by cigarette smoke. Mix together a solution of vinegar and warm water to clean windows and mirrors. Use a mixture of two parts vinegar, one part baking soda, and some warm water for walls, counters, shelving, etc.

Replace Air Filters

If these have not been replaced they too are harboring cigarette residue. Change out filters and wipe down vents to get that stuff out of circulation.

Change Light Bulbs

This may seem silly but yes the smoke has even made a home on the surface of light bulbs. When the lights are on they warm the particles and amplify the smell. So go get some new bulbs and replace the old yucky ones.

Have the Carpets Cleaned

Usually the management team would do this when the former tenant moved out but if the apartment still smells of smoke you may want to ask if you can hire your own professional carpet cleaner to get the job done. Carpets can trap and hold in odors so it is important to hire a quality professional carpet cleaner.

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