A common misconception of many home owners with carpeting is that the floor is not visibly dirty so it is not in need of a deep cleaning. The truth is that your carpet may look nice and clean but it is still a good idea to continue with regular deep cleanings.

When you go to buy new carpeting in the store there is often a tag, warranty or paperwork explaining the best way to care for that particular type of carpet. Every carpet manufacturer usually states somewhere in the care instructions that it is best for your carpet to have themdeep cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Carpet manufacturers don’t include this tip because they get some sort of pay off from professional cleaning companies; they include this because routine professional deep cleanings prolong the life of your carpet.

Even if you are the best steward of your carpet and meticulously vacuum on a regular basis and spot clean with natural homemade cleaners as soon as you see a spill there is still dirt and debris hanging out in your carpet that your vacuum is unable to reach. Your carpet may not look visibly dirty to the naked eye but there is dirt deep down in there that has built up over time. You may be surprised at the difference in appearance in your floors after a deep cleaning.

Routine professional cleanings are not only about getting your carpet to its most clean state. It is also about the overall shape and condition of your carpet. Carpet cleaning can bring life back into tired or sagging carpet fibers. It can reset the life in your fibers to standing straight up again and leave your carpet not only cleaner but looking nearly brand new.

You don’t wait until your car is showing signs of breaking down to bring it in for an oil change. Everyone knows that to keep your car running its best it is wise to bring it in for routine service checks, oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Without preventive care for your car the life of your car dramatically drops it is very similar with your carpet. Without regular proper care the life of your carpet will not be as long. Carpet is expensive and if you purchased new carpet for your home you no doubt spent a good deal of your hard earned money. The best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum and have it deep cleaned on a regular basis.

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