Myths About Green Cleaning

When it comes to green carpet cleaning there are many different thought systems as to if it is really necessary. There are many misconceptions and myths that surround the new focus on turning products into environmentally friendly ones. Here are some of the most common myths about green carpet cleaning and the truth about green cleaning solutions.

Myth: green cleaning products do not work.

Fact: this may be the biggest myth surrounding green cleaning solutions. The reason behind this is that when green cleaning solutions where first available many years ago they were not as effective as their harsh chemical competitors. Today green carpet cleaning and other green cleaning solutions are actually just as effective and sometimes more effective than harsh chemical  cleaners. Hire a green carpet cleaning professional and take before and after pictures, you will find that your floors look fantastic and clean as ever

Myth: green cleaning is a fad. Myths About Green Cleaning

This may have been true in the past but since green cleaning has been studied and improved it actually is more beneficial than just making us feel good. Many studies have concluded that green  products leave  less harmful drainage in surrounding water sources, are less harmful to people coming in contact with surfaces cleaned with green products, and even lead to higher productivity. The more studies that are conducted about the benefits of a green cleaning the higher amount of companies there are using green products.

Myth: it’s hard to tell if green cleaning products are truly green.

Fact: The above myth was true when cleaning products were first marketed. Now the federal trade commission has very specific guidelines to clear up confusion on if a product is truly green. A company who labels their product as green must be verified by the Federal Trade Commission and meet up to the standards the trade commission has set in order to legally label their product as green. All Kleen carpet cleaning uses green cleaning solutions that have been verified and approved. We are straightforward and honest about our cleaning solutions we will even provide you with an information sheet about the ingredients in our products and what they are.

Myth: green cleaning simply means switching to green cleaning solutions

Fact: green cleaning does not just include the cleaning products but also the method. The carpet extractor or floor cleaning machine that uses less cleaning products and less water is considered environmentally friendly. We use the highest quality truck mounted cleaning systems with a hot water extraction cleaning method that allows for the use of much less water  and cleaning solution making less impact on your floors as well as the environment.

The truth is green cleaning is highly beneficial to your floors and the people living in your home as well as the world around your home. For more information on how All Kleen uses green cleaning to get your home it’s cleanest clean contact us at any time. For the best in green carpet cleaning in Snohomish and North King County make an appointment online today.