New Year – Out with the Old Carpet – in with the New

The New Year is just around the corner and with the beginning of a new year brings new goals. While many people are setting their sites on health and workout goals some people turn their aspirations to home improvement.New Year - Out with the Old Carpet - in with the New

Maybe you have home improvement in your sights for the new year. You have dreams of turning your home into a new and relaxing oasis. One home improvement you can make that will bring beauty to your home as well as improved health is reviving your carpet, but should you replace it or could it be brought back to life with a great professional carpet cleaning? Here are some factors that will help you determine if you should toss out your carpet or clean it.

  1. Is It Matted?

If you have a polyester or PET polyester carpet and the fibers are matted down, especially in high traffic areas, it can be difficult to bring the fibers back to life. Polyester carpets are famous for their crushed and matted fibers over time. These types of carpets are better replaced after matting.

If you have Nylon or Sorona fiber carpets matting may not be the end of your carpet’s life. Both of these carpets are very resilient especially Nylon and can come back to life after a quality professional cleaning.

If you have Berber carpet you will want to replace it once matting occurs. Many Berbers are made of Olefin and Olefin is not very durable when it comes to crushing. Another trait of Berber is it begins to take on an oily appearance. If you have Olefin Berber carpet that is three years or older and displaying any of these qualities it is time for new carpet. If you want to stay with Berber think of getting a Nylon Berber, even though it’s more expensive it will hold up better. Nylon Berber is possible to rejuvenate with a cleaning.

  1. Do You Have Stains?

Though most carpets are treated with stain guard, no carpet is stain proof. The best way to prevent stains is to clean spills as soon as they happen and to have the stain guard re-applied once a year after a professional carpet cleaning. If you have set in stubborn stains, you should call a professional carpet cleaner to ask if it may be a possible to clean your carpets. This is not always a guarantee, but why not try reviving your carpet before paying thousands to replace it?

  1. How Old is the Carpet?

The age of your carpet plays a big factor in if it should be replaced, but it is not always the determining factor. If you know the type of carpet you have or even have the paperwork from the purchase of your carpet this will help you to determine the common lifespan of the carpet. Most carpets will generally last around ten years before showing signs of being tired and worn. If the carpet is well taken care of according to manufacturer suggestions (regular vacuuming, pro-active spot treatment, yearly professional cleanings) then your carpet can last a few years longer than the expected life span.

If you are ready to turn a new leaf and get your carpets looking new or replace that tired carpet what better time than in the new year? The professionals at All Kleen carpet cleaning can help you determine if a professional cleaning can revive your carpet or if it is best to replace it. Make an appointment online or give us a call anytime.