New Years Eve Party Clean Up Tips

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with great parties surrounded by friends and loved ones to ring in the coming year. If you have thrown any type of party in your home before you already know all too well that when guests leave there will be a lot to clean up. Serving drinks and food in your home mean the possibility of spills on you carpets and floors. Here are a few tips to help make tackling those left behind spills less stressful.

As soon as you find the stain grab a soft cloth and dab it. Dabbing is the key, do not rub or scrub this could drive the stain in further and make it harder to get out. Make a solution of mild soap and water and dab onto the stain. Rinse using as little water as possible and place a clean dry towel with something heavy on top over the wet surface to draw out the moisture or dry with a hair dryer. It also helps to know your stain and the type of carpet in your home. If you know what caused the stain and what type of fiber is in your carpet you can easily look up a spot cleaning treatment to help lift the stain.

Call your carpet cleaning professional. Some party throwers prepare in advance and call theircleaning specialist when they set the date of the party or before the party begins. This is a great idea to ensure your cleaning professional will be able to fit you in and get your carpet back in great shape.

If you host a party and stains occur on your flooring don’t hesitate to call for help. You may have been able to spot clean the spill and it looks like the spill never happened but stains can resurface over time. To help rule out the chances of a stain resurfacing it is best tocall a carpet cleaning professional and deep clean your carpet.

Employ the help of your closest friends to help with the clean up crew. Chances are they won’t mind and when they host a party you can return the favor. Many times a good friend is willing to lend a hand when someone else is doing the work of hosting.

Parties with friends are one of the best things about New Year’s Eve. Have fun and enjoy the festivities don’t fret over spills let the professionals help..