When You Should NOT Clean the Carpet

Nine times out of ten when someone calls for a professional deep carpet cleaning they truly need one. Sometimes there is a rare case when someone really doesn’t need a carpet cleaning. This may sound odd, when would a person making an appointment to have their carpets clean not need a cleaning?  When You Should NOT Clean the Carpets in Seattle WA

Generally, all carpet manufacturers and professional cleaners will recommend that an average household get their carpets cleaned once a year. More frequent cleaning is needed in homes with pets or homes with residents who have special health concerns. If you have a non-shedding pet home with normal foot traffic you really don’t need your floors cleaned more often. Deep cleaning your carpets too often is not good for them.

Another instance where carpet cleaning is not necessary is in the case of a carpet gone bad. Some carpets have just met their match and are at the end of their life to where not even a professional deep cleaning will revive it. If your carpet is in rough shape you may be better off replacing it especially if there are stains and spills that have reached the backing and soaked into the carpet pad. The best way to determine if your carpet is salvageable is to call in a highly trained professional carpet cleaner and ask their opinion on the state of your carpet.

If you have water damage in your home you may think the carpet is just ruined. This is actually a case by case scenario and you may be surprised to find the carpet might be worth saving. The team at All Kleen has a 24 hour on call emergency water restoration service. If you call us right away we may be able to save you thousands of dollars and we work with your insurance company on the billing.

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