Odor Elimination


Everybody loves their pets, but nobody loves the smells they sometimes leave behind. Any pet accidents can turn into pet odor and if you’ve ever tried to clean up a pet accident with soap and water, you probably know that will make the odor far worse! Our special solution for pet odors contains a live enzyme that actually destroys the odor-causing bacteria. It’s great for removing pet-dander smells, too. We offer same-day service across the region, including Everett, Seattle, Bothell, Kenmore and beyond.

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Of course, pets aren’t the only things that cause odors in your home — smoke, food or beverage spills, paint and even your garbage can leave a lasting (and unwelcome) impression. Along with Floor cleaning All Kleen deals with all types of odor elimination. All Kleen uses powerful ozone machines to eliminate these smells and leave your living area feeling fresh and clean again. Here are just a few of the odors we can treat:

  • Surface mold and mildew
  • Smoke from tobacco or fire
  • Stale beer or alcohol
  • Pungent food or garbage
  • Chemicals or paint


Our Ozone Machines are one of the most powerful disinfectants in the world. They will destroy germs, bacteria, odors and viruses. Our Ozone Machine will actually change the molecular structure of the odor producing molecule in your home, eliminating the odor altogether. The Ozone Generator doesn’t produce a strong odor itself, yet it is able to kill air born odors. Our ozone machines and thermo foggers are professional in quality and strength. We use them in conjunction with our air movers to destroy certain odor causing bacteria. Our Ozone machines will leave your home smelling fresh and clean like spring rain. One of our specialties is odor elimination and we have all the right equipment and products needed for any type of odor elimination. Our Ozone Generators will odor removal carpet cleaning Mountlake Terrace WAkill Bacteria and Viruses in your home

All odor removal treatments and procedures are 100% guaranteed for Same Day Service you can call All Kleen at (888) 771-4109 you know it’s clean with All Kleen.

Don’t wait!

Odor removal is time-sensitive — the longer you wait, the more entrenched the smell becomes! We offer same-day service across the region, including Everett, Seattle, Bothell, Kenmore and beyond. Call (888) 771-4109 today to learn more about our Odor Elimination Services specials.