After Office Party Carpet Cleaning

After Office Party Carpet Cleaning

Winter is an excellent time to have the carpets cleaned in your office building. There are a number of things that put your carpet to work harder during this time of year from inclement weather and all that comes with it to the much-loved company holiday party.  

There is nothing like bringing some seasonal cheer into the workplace to lift the spirits of employees ( and maybe even valued customers) and show them how much you appreciate them. This is a time that everyone looks forward to, except maybe the carpet. Bringing in decorations, food, and drinks can leave your carpets in a state of holiday fright afterward. It is a great idea to have the carpets professionally cleaned after the annual holiday party. 


Some great benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner to take care of your office carpets include:  


  • Visible soiling is often a problem in commercial locations with carpeting, you don’t want to detract from the professional impression you want make for your customers. A professional cleaning company specializing in carpet cleaning can get your carpets looking like new again.  
  • Odors from parties can linger in carpets for days and sometimes weeks depending upon what the smell is from, if it is caused by an accidental spill and how big it is, the airflow in the room, and the size of the space. Have the carpets deep cleaned to get out deep lasting odors.  
  • Clean environments lead to better working conditions and better moods that help to boost company productivity. It may seem silly crediting cleanliness as a part of higher success, but studies have shown that clean workspaces relieve stress and lift moods of the people working in them.  
  • Professional carpet cleanings can actually save you money in the workplace. The old saying you’ve got to spend money to make money, well, it can apply to your workplace carpets as well. Taking great care of your carpets will keep the warranty in place as well as help the carpets to last longer cutting down on maintenance and expenses.  
  • Stain guards can be applied to help protect the floors and keep them looking great until after your next party or event.  


So after all of the comfort foods, drinks, treats and festivities are over and every last guest has left to the warmth of their own homes, get an after party going for your carpets. Not only will your carpets love it, but you will also for a number of different reasons.  

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