How Often Should I Clean My Tile?

Tile is growing in popularity. Many people are choosing tile for their floors, kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, etc. because tile is a durable product that offers a very wide range in styles. Caring for tile is quite easy and your tile will last for many years to come with consistent proper care.  

What is the proper way to care for your tile? Cleaning it if course, but what is the best way to keep tile clean, and how often should you clean your tile?  How Often Should I Clean My Tile?


Ideal Tile Cleaning Schedule 

Weekly sweeping and mopping should happen on at least a weekly basis for tile floors. There is a proper way to mop and an improper way. Make sure that whatever method you use: be it classic mop and bucket, a Swiffer type method, steam mop, or old fashion hands and knees, that you don’t use too much soap and you rinse the tile well.  Leaving soap behind will leave a residue that attracts dirt to it.  

For other tile surfaces wipe them down weekly with a good green cleaner and a sponge or microfiber cloth. Again, make sure to clean and rinse away all soap residue.  

Even with regular cleaning, you will want to have a professional deep cleaning performed. Deep down into the pores of the grout bacteria like to hide where only professional equipment can reach. Even with the best and most constant of in-home cleaning bacteria will build into the deepest areas with time. It is best to have a professional tile and grout cleaning every 6 to 12 months depending on how frequently the tile is used. Some areas that may need more than once a year professional attention include entryways, kitchen floors, and other places with heavy foot traffic.  


The Importance of Sealing Tile and Grout 

After a professional cleaning, it is important to have a  sealant applied to your tile and grout especially if you have natural stone. A sealant works as a barrier between the grout/tile and dirt and debris. While sealant is not a magical fix allowing you not to have to clean your tile, it is like a helper that gives you just a bit more time to get a spill cleaned up before something soaks in and stains your tile and grout. A sealant is especially important on tile and stone surfaces in the kitchen.   

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