Fact: household carpet can hold about a pound of dirt per square foot and still look clean to the naked eye. Many times we think that because our bedroom has less foot traffic than our stairs, hallways, and living rooms that it doesn’t need as much attention. Well, this is true, but sometimes we give our bedroom carpet almost no attention at all.  

Here are some easy steps to keeping your bedroom carpet clean: One Area of the Bedroom Most People Aren't Cleaning

Vacuum Routinely and Correctly 

Bedroom carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week. To ensure you are vacuuming effectively and doing the job you intend to do you want to make sure you are using proper vacuuming technique. First, you want to make sure you have a vacuum with enough suction and a beater brush to get into the fibers of the carpet. (If your vacuum has not been cleaned in some time, now is a good time to give your vacuum a good cleaning. This will help to improve the suction and cleaning power.) Turn the vacuum on to the correct setting for your type of carpet (beater bar on low suction for low pile and high suction for deep pile such as shag) and vacuum in overlapping rows similar to how you would mow a lawn. Don’t go as fast as you can just to get the job done, move the vacuum slowly over the carpet to give it plenty of time to thoroughly suck all the yuck out of it. Pay more attention to slowly pulling the vacuum back toward you than pushing it as this is when the vacuum does most of its sucking. Work from the corner furthest away from the door and move your way out of the room.  

Add Some Rugs 

Adding rugs on top of carpet may seem a bit funny to some people. Usually, rugs are used to soften a hard surface floor. Area rugs over the carpet can be beneficial as well. Add a rug to an area with higher traffic to help protect the carpet and keep the wear and tear more even. The best place for area rugs in the bedroom is on the sides of the bed where you step in and out of bed every day. This is the area of the bedroom carpet that likely sees the most wear. Plus it adds a nice bit of cushy comfort to wake up to! Don’t forget to slip your rugs into the wash every month or two to keep them clean. A dirty rug does not protect the carpet; it makes it worse.  

Check for Needed Spot Treatment 

Less time is spent in the bedroom, but there are still chances for spills and accidents in there. Especially if you enjoy your morning coffee in your room or a nice nightcap or midnight snacks. When you do your weekly vacuuming make sure to check for any unnoticed spots or stains and get them taken care of right away. A great all-purpose spot treatment is just a few drops of hand dishwashing soap and some room temperature water.  

Professional Carpet Cleaning  

Professional deep carpet cleaning is still important even in rooms with less traffic like the bedroom. Though you use the room less and are vacuuming regularly there are still things that get deep into the carpet that can’t be reached by anything other than professional truck-mounted equipment. This will not only get your carpets thoroughly clean but prolong their useful life as well.  

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