How to Organize Home Cleaning Supplies

Staying on top of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning tasks is made much easier when you have an efficient way of organizing and storing your cleaning supplies so that you can quickly grab the needed supplies and tools for your job. Follow these organization and storage tips for your cleaning supplies to make those New Year cleaning resolutions all the more easy to stick to. How to Organize Home Cleaning Supplies

  • Safety is Important 

Many cleaning supplies have ingredients that are not intended for human consumption or play. If you have small children, or even pets, in the home make sure all of your cleaning supplies are stored in a strategic and safe place. Even green cleaning solutions should be kept out of reach of anyone who does not know how to properly use them.  

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  • Cleaning Central 

Have one main hub in which you store all of your cleaning supplies. This makes it easier not only on yourself but anyone else in your home that helps out with the cleaning. No more searching all of the places that cleaning products are kept for that one particular item. A system of shelves comes in handy as a cleaning hub as well as a series of bins and baskets to keep everything categorized.  Making a caddy for each room/ area of the home makes things super easy and efficient. When it’s time to clean the bathroom all you have to do is grab the bathroom caddy and a few fresh white rags from the rag pile and you are ready to go! 

  • Now It’s Time to Label 

When you have a place for everything and everything in its place, it is a great idea to make labels for everything. Label each caddy with the area that it cleans, label the shelf where the caddy is to be placed when not in use. Label the area where you stack the extra/clean rags, etc. This way everyone knows where everything belongs and the system will not turn into a cluttered pile of mess.  

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  • Don’t Forget About Large Tools 

Vacuums, brooms, mops, long-handled dusters all need a place to rest as well. It is best to keep these items in one central location. If there is room with the other supplies that is a great place, if not a closet that is easily accessible to frequency of use is a great idea.  

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