Picking the Best Stain Resistant Carpet for Your Home

Picking out new carpet for your home can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices out there and you want to get the perfect one for your home. You ask yourself a ton of questions like what works best aesthetically, and should I think about a high traffic carpet? One big question many carpet buyers ask is should I get the super stain guard carpet? After all you want to protect your large investment purchase and keep it looking beautiful for years to come to get your money’s worth.  Picking the Best Stain Resistant Carpet for Your Home

Here are some things to consider with basic carpet types and their stain resistant power to help you choose the best carpet for your home:


One of the most costly of carpet materials. Wool is popular for its luxurious texture and notable long lasting natural fibers. If you are wanting a carpet without a lot of harsh chemical dyes and treatments you may consider wool. Wool naturally resists stains so it is usually not coated with a chemical stain resistant treatment, it is also a natural soil and dirt repellant. One down side to wool carpet is the shedding and the higher price.


Nylon is very durable and one of the most popular of carpet options. When cared for properly to manufacturer specifications, Nylon carpet can last 20+ years. Nearly all nylon carpets are chemically treated with stain guard. This treatment eventually wears off and will need to be reapplied by a professional carpet cleaner. Nylon may seem indestructible,but there are some products that do not play well with nylon carpet. Harsh chemicals like acne medicine, toilet bowl cleaner, and food items containing turmeric such as mustard are very harmful to nylon carpets. If you purchase nylon you with want to look for solution dyed nylon 6.6 which is the most stain resistant and durable of nylon carpets.


Polyester carpets have great color quality,but are prone to pilling and shedding. They also do not take well to oil based spills. This type of carpeting is good for low traffic areas such as bedrooms. It is a less expensive choice than nylon and is good in situations where you plan on replacing it in a short amount of years.


This material is known for its colorfastness and durability. Olefin is also more budget friendly. Olefin holds up well to water based spills but does not hold up so well to oil based stains. Some say that Olefin attracts dirt and needs to be vacuumed regularly or it will become dingy quickly. Olefin may be a good choice for rental properties where carpet is changed out often.

The best purchase is an educated one. We hope this article was informational and helpful. For more carpet care tips please feel free to browse our website or read our blog. For the best care of your carpets with a satisfaction guarantee call All Kleen. We have been in the business for over 30 years and make customer service a top priority. Make an appointment online today.