Popular Cleaning Lessons from TikTok

TikTok has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t so widely popular in the U,S. until the pandemic. It is mostly known for fun viral dance challenge videos, but recently there have been several clever cleaning hacks that have caught the attention of millions of Americans.

Here are some of the most popular cleaning lessons people are loving from TikTok.Popular Cleaning Lessons from TikTok

Cleaning LEGOs in the Dishwasher

It doesn’t take long for our kids to obtain a large Lego collection. A couple of holidays and a birthday later and it seems like the pile of plastic bricks is multiplying on its own. Attempting to clean the thousands of tiny pieces can easily become a tedious and time-consuming chore.

Make much quicker work of cleaning your child’s Lego collection by filling a mesh bag full of the plastic bricks and placing it in the top rack of your dishwashing machine. Make sure to run them through the disinfecting cycle to not only get them clean, but sanitized as well.

Laundry Stripping

This one may just be TikTok’s most popular cleaning hack. Laundry stripping is the process of deep cleaning sheets and towels to get all the deep down gunk hanging out in the fibers and maybe discoloring them. To strip laundry of all of the gunk gather some borax, washing soda, and laundry detergent. You can strip laundry in a TOP loading machine, bucket, or bathtub. Start by filling up your tub with very hot water then add the borax and washing soda and laundry detergent. Use a 1:1:2 ratio. If you are using a top-loading washing machine try ¼ cup borax, ¼ cup washing soda, and ½ cup of detergent. When the soap has dissolved, put in the laundry and let it soak in the super-hot water about four hours until the water is cool. Make sure to stir it occasionally. You should see dirt come out of the laundry into the water. Follow up by washing in the machine with water only. Note: this should only be used on dyes that are able to withstand super-hot water.

Oven Cleaning

The secret to a spotless oven according to TikTok is a mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and dish soap. This will create a foam that can be applied to the inside of the oven to clean all the baked-on old food bits.

Toilet Cleaning Made Easy

Most of us clean our toilets with a method of applying cleaner to the bowl then scrubbing and flushing and finishing with wiping the seat then the outside. Not very many of us pay attention to cleaning the toilet tank. Check out TikTok for the viral toilet tank cleaning video that starts with flushing the water out then scrubbing with a bristled brush and finally cleaning.

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