Carpet can be significantly damaged by sun rays. It is not a problem most people are aware of, so when the carpet in a home begins to visibly fade it can be surprising. The sun’s rays beating through home windows can and will fade carpet with time and it is something that can happen in any home, especially homes with large floor to ceiling windows.Is it Possible to Restore Sun Faded Carpet?

When carpet is constantly in contact with direct sunlight there are going to be spots that fade or bleach out over time. When it is finally visible to the naked eye we naturally assume that the problem merely lies in the color, but there is a possibility of more damage beyond color fading.

Sunlight can actually weaken carpet fibers. If the faded carpet feels brittle to the touch the sun has begun to damage the fiber.

So is it possible to repair a faded carpet and restore it to look new again?

The answer depends on the amount of damage done to the carpet fiber. If the structure of the fibers has sustained serious damage, say left to fade for years, it can lose the ability to hold on to dye. If the faded carpet is left for a long period of time it can be beyond repair.

It is possible to repair some carpets that have been faded by the sun. It is tough to catch a faded carpet that is still repairable though. Many times carpet is faded near the bottom of large windows or in low traffic places that people don’t generally notice and by the time the fading is very noticeable it is too late.

So how do you prevent carpet from fading in the first place or from getting to a point of no return on repairing it?

Prevent or limit the amount of fading to your carpet by cutting down on the sun exposure to it.  Close blinds and curtains when no one is home or using the room. You can also put UV treatments on windows.

You can sometimes reduce sun fading in the carpet with a saltwater application. Vacuum the carpet first and then apply a solution of salt dissolved in hot water to the carpet with a damp cloth. Only apply a small amount, do not soak the carpet. Allow the water to dry and vacuum up the salt.

Another method of slowing down carpet fading is applying a fluorocarbon protector. Ask a carpet cleaning professional if they carry this product and they can apply it after a cleaning. The protectant will also guard against stains and dirt.

If you have a color fading issue in your carpet contact the team of carpet pros at All Kleen Carpet Cleaning. Give us a call or make an appointment online to see if All Kleen can help to restore your carpet.

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    We have a large rug in our study which has some fading. Are you able to help?
    We are in Peterborough.



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