Post Christmas Carpet Clean-Up

The best part of Christmas is holiday parties and meals with loved ones and favorite friends. If you are hosting those parties in your home it can be a workout for your floors. With the parties come more foot traffic and higher possibility of spills, in fact spills on the floor are almost a guarantee and let’s not forget about live Christmas tree needles. Here are some things you can do to help your carpet recoup as soon as the last guest says goodnight and you close the door.

Do a walkthrough of your party space maybe even the entire house (because you never know if you had some wandering party guests) and pick up any garbage, candy, large food crumbs or anything else left behind on the carpet.

Walk back through the house looking for spills. Bring a clean white cloth to blot up any spills. For a list of specific spot treatment remedies consult our home remedies page here. For a gentle all-purpose cleaner mix a small amount of mild dish soap with some cold water. Always be sure to blot blot blot never rub and get the spot as dry as possible.

If those holiday candles dripped wax on the floor take the blunt side of a butter knife or a spoon and scrape as much off the carpet as possible. Then lay a clean cloth or several paper towels on top of the affected area and iron the spot with your iron on a low setting. This should transfer the wax out of the carpet and into the cloth.

When large items and spills have been cleaned it is now time to vacuum because vacuuming is the best at home care you can give your carpet.

After the holiday parties have come and gone it is a great time to do your yearly professional deep carpet cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. What better time to have a thorough carpet cleaning then post party when it is ready for some love?

All Kleen Carpet Cleaning is ready to take care of all your post party carpet and upholsterycleaning needs. We will gladly help you to combat those stubborn stains with our highly trained technicians and apply a stain guard to boost your carpets stain fighting ability. We even deep clean and seal tile and grout!

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