The parties have been thrown, the extended family has come/stayed/gone back home, and time is running out before you need to return to a regular work schedule and the kids are back in school. Before you get back to the rush of a normal daily schedule you will probably want to get the house back in order post holidays. There may be a mountain of leftover festivity remnants to remind you of the great holiday celebrations you have and with time running out where do you start?

Here are some great tips to get you back on track and ready for a great start to your new year:

Take the Biggest Project Head OnPost Holiday Cleaning Tips

There is a highly popular book called “Eat That Frog” it talks about attacking those big daunting important things that make the most difference first. Instead of instantly getting overwhelmed by the amount of work, attack each task one at a time starting with the most pressing and important issue. Start with the largest messiest room and assess what should be done first. Start in that room and don’t leave it until the tasks are done. When you have finished one room it will give you a sense of accomplishment and even a mini adrenaline rush to fuel you for the next task.

Take Care of Stains While They are Fresh

With everything going on in your home over the holidays you will probably have an accident that resulted in a stain or two on the carpet or furniture. The best chance of success with removing stains is to clean them as soon as you discover them. If you have a large amount of stains say more than two or three per room it may be worth it to consider having a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning. A professional can tackle the stains and more while you move on to tackling other jobs.

Get Rid of Funky Smells

Lingering odors from large meals, nervous pets, kids, and visiting guests may be hanging out in your home. One way to get these out is by calling in the professional carpet cleaner. Yes, carpet cleaners will have great odor fighting strategies.

Take Down Decorations and Move Cards to the Refrigerator or Home Office

This may be the saddest part of post-holiday cleaning, but they have to get put away some time. Do it now while you are already cleaning instead of waiting and getting caught up in busy. You don’t want it to be January 25th and your neighbors to begin to wonder if you will be leaving them up for Christmas in July before you get things put away.

With a clean and organized home, you can go back to your daily rush a little more confident. What better way is there to start out the new year than with a clean and organized home?

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