Prepare Your Floors for Winter

Winter is just around the corner and this year’s winter is predicted to be harsher than ever. Winter  can take a toll on health and energy as well as wreak havoc our homes,cars,and places of business. With this harsh weather many homeowners begin to wonder how they can best protect carpets and hard surface flooring when weather turns wet slick and messy. Prepare your floors for winter

When choosing new flooring for your home the most important thing to consider is if the look  and style of flooring that you intend to buy works with the the outside environment surrounding your home. Much of that outside environment will be tracked into your home on the soles of shoes by your friends and family.

To keep those floors in their best condition you will want to employ measures to keep those outside elements outside and not on your floors. One of the most Important and effective ways you can do this is to implement a no shoes inside the home policy. By asking residents and guests of your home to remove their shoes at the door you will keep most of the outside elements where shoes have laid to rest. A thoughtful gesture would be to leave some cozy socks or slippers near the door for guests to use while visiting your home if they do not want to walk around in their stocking or bare feet

The humble welcome mat is seriously overlooked as one of the biggest workhorses in keeping dirt off of your floors. Be sure to get appropriate sizes of outdoor and indoor mats to place on both sides of every exterior door in your home. This means mats that are the same width or wider than the door. You will want an outdoor mat that is tough and strong as well as an indoor mat that is a little more plush. Mats on both sides of the door will ensure that the bottom of shoes are as clean as they can possibly be before entering your home.

As your mats will be doing a hefty job cleaning the soles of shoes you will need to keep up on cleaning the mats. Shakeout outdoor mats once a week or sweep them weekly to keep them from getting full of debris. Likewise you will want to vacuum indoor mats every few days and place washable mats in the laundry at least once per month. Dirty mats just lead to dirtier floors.

And of course as with any season you will want to clean your floors on a regular basis. Carpets should be vacuumed twice weekly, more often if you have high traffic areas. Hard surface floors should be swept often and mopped every other week.

To get your floors on their best line of defense for harsh weather call in a professional cleaner to get them their cleanest clean and apply stain guard or sealant. All Kleen carpet cleaning is available to get your floors ready for harsh winter weather. Make an appointment online today.