How to Prepare Your Home for Fall Sports Parties

Fall is a great season for many reasons and one of them is sports. Whether it’s school sports back in session or football on tv ,there are parties to be had. It’s always fun to invite friends over and gather around the television to root for your favorite team. Maybe you find yourself hosting a team dinner for your child’s team. Throwing a great sports dinner or party is going to bring some challenges, but with these party prepping tips it can be much easier.

  • Prep the Playing Field How to Prepare Your Home for Fall Sports Parties

Make your space game day or team ready. Make sure you have plenty of seating for your big crowd either around the television or the table. If you are low on seating for game watching put some floor pillows out for guests to get comfy on the floor. Create boundaries and let guests know which spaces are in bounds and fair game to hang out in. Lock doors, rope off spaces or put up fun signs to let guests know if any areas of your home are out of bounds. This will help with post-party clean up as well. Consider getting your home looking its best with some professional cleaning. Not only will your home look amazing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner can apply a protective stain guard to help prevent any spills from soaking in.

  • Make Food Clean Up Easier With Some Preparation

If you have a large crowd coming over consider buying drinks in larger containers instead of a bunch of smaller ones. This will reduce waste and the amount of trash you will have to pick up around the home. Have guests write their name on a cup or get creative and have them decorate their disposable cup or put the name of their favorite player on it. Do as much meal prep as possible in the days leading up to the party to cut down on the time you are making food during the party. This will alleviate stress and allow you to focus on your guests. If you are offering snacks as well as a meal keep them in separate locations to minimize traffic.

  • Put Together Some Down Time Entertainment

Though the dinner or the big game are the reason everyone came it helps to have other activities available to keep the party flowing. If the weather permits bring out some lawn games to play while dinner is cooking or during halftime. Turn on the video games for kids sports teams or use the free time for team bonding exercises. Karaoke is always a crowd pleaser. Parties are social gatherings so creating a space for people to relax and interact with each other is key.

  • Be Prepared for Accidents

At any party there is potential for spills and accidents. Be prepared to spot treat any stains right after they happen. Have the right tools on hand like plenty of clean white rags/ clothes and cleaning supplies. The quicker you tackle the issue the better chances you have. You will also be happy if had your carpet and upholstery professionally pre- treated.

With the right pre-game plan in action your party should be a touchdown to victory.Let All Kleen help you prep your home for game day parties and team dinners. Make an appointment online right now!