Preparing for the Super Bowl Super Party!

Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday to football fans across the country. This is the football game of all games when football fans (and even some that don’t follow football) throw parties to watch the big game with friends. Since the Seahawks are making a re-peat appearance this year there will be many 12’s all over Washington gathering together to watch the big game. With parties come food and large amounts of guests. Mix those two ingredients together and you have a recipe for spills and after party clean up.

There are some tricks you can use to keep the spills and after party clean up to a minimum so you won’t be spending the rest of the night or even week cleaning.

Rugs are a great way to keep any spills that happen from hitting the carpet. It is much easier to clean a rug than to clean a spill out of a carpet especially if you have a rug that is not very expensive and can be washed easily.

Temporary use of a slip cover ensures that spills stay off the upholstered furniture. If something should be dropped on the furniture take the slip cover and slip it into the washing machine per the washing instructions on the tag.

Think about the foods you are serving and how easily they can be cleaned from surfaces should someone accidently drop or spill. Saucy meatballs and chicken wings are examples of foods that can leave a pretty tough stain if dropped.

Keep a large amount of napkins and other cleaning supplies handy to make it easy for guests to stay tidy and should they spill they can grab something to help pick up the accident. Some guests may be too embarrassed to say they spilled something and ask for help. Also be at the ready with your favorite spot cleaner and clean cloths to get spills you do notice right away.

Ask that children eat in the kitchen or breakfast nook where spills are easier to clean. This is a simple request that most parents can understand and get behind especially if they are friends. If you have kids in your home ask them to help out by letting the other kids know to keep food in the kitchen.

Fight the tired urge to clean up later. Hosting a party is work and you will be tired after everyone has left to go home, but it is much better to fight the tired and clean up as soon as the party ends especially if there are spills lurking somewhere.

If you find yourself post party with a stain in your carpet or upholstery that just won’t come out give All Kleen a call. We have an excellent team of trained cleaners ready to get the stains out.

All Kleen is ready to tackle tough stains in any North Seattle or Snohomish County Home. Go Seahawks!!!

Image by Erin Kohlenberg Flickr