Preparing for your Bothell Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are in need of a quality green deep cleaning and you have finally picked out that perfect Bothell area carpet cleaner. The appointment is set and they are ready to come to your home but are you ready for them? Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home to keep things going smoothly.

Make sure you have a clear schedule. All other things that don’t include working around the home should be scheduled for another time not while cleaners are in your home. When thecleaners are there you will want to be there as well.

Think of Fido. Arrange for your pets to be in a comfortable place out of the way of the cleaners. If your pets do not like loud noises you may want to send them to a friend’s place for the afternoon of a doggie day care. It is better for everyone when your furry family members are safely taken care of and comfortable so they don’t risk running out the door, running over wet carpets, or accidentally getting underfoot of the cleaners.

Move any priceless objects or furniture your may not be comfortable trusting others to take care of. Carpet cleaning professionals are accustom to taking great care when moving furniture and other items in your home off of the carpet into another room but it is understandable if you would rather do this yourself to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Give the floors a good proper vacuuming. It is a good idea to vacuum up as much loose dirt and debris as possible to help ensure the deepest clean possible. Vacuuming will also give the carpet cleaner the most accurate reading of what areas see the most traffic and wear in your home.

Make plans to go out and enjoy life while your carpets are drying. Many carpet cleaners use less water and have significantly faster dry times but it can still take a few hours. So after the cleaners have packed up and headed to their next job go out and enjoy some you time while your nicely cleaned floors dry.

For a quality earth friendly deep clean you can trust in Bothell give All Kleen a call.

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