Professional Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

There are a large number of homeowners that do not have their carpets professionally cleaned. Some believe it is overhyped and unnecessary. Some people believe it is just as beneficial to deep clean carpets with a machine they can purchase themselves or rent form a grocery store. Others still may not know enough to convince them that a professional cleaning is in fact beneficial in many ways. Here we cover a few of the most common misconceptions about professional carpet cleaning.

Wait as long as possible to have the carpet cleaned

Regular vacuuming of your carpet is great and essential to routine carpet care but vacuuming does not get the dirt that has made its way deep into the fibers of your carpet. Dirt is abrasive and like sandpaper and wears down the fibers of your carpet the longer it sits in the fibers. Regular deep cleaning is key to prolong the life of your carpet and deter the dirt from wearing the fibers down.

All cleaning methods are created equal.

Dry cleaning methods may sound safer for your carpet because as everyone too much moisture in the carpet is a no no. The problem with most dry cleaning carpet methods is that harsh chemicals are applied to the carpet and left to dry then vacuumed or extracted out of the carpet many times leaving some of the harsh chemicals behind for you and your pets and children to come in contact with. Other cleaners use small potable machinery that does not get the carpet the truest clean possible. The best method of professional carpet cleaning is a truck mounted green steam cleaning method.

Having a truck-mounted system makes a good carpet cleaner.

There are many cleaners out there with the right equipment that do not properly train their employees how to use it. A cleaner with the right machine that is not trained is like giving a five year old car keys and putting them behind the wheel of a car. The results could be disastrous. Make sure any cleaner you hire is certified and has a guarantee to back their work.

Truth is professional carpet cleaning is beneficial and prolongs the life of your carpet. With the right carpet cleaner your carpet will last longer and help keep your family healthier. For a low-cost deep green carpet cleaning you can rely on give us a call today.

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