Professional Cleaning for Brand New Carpet

Professional Cleaning for Brand New Carpet

When you think about having a professional come into deep clean carpets in your home, you are probably thinking about the need to seriously clean some very dirty old carpet. Very few people think about cleaning brand new carpet that has just been installed in their home. It sounds crazy, because of course brand new carpet is clean.  

A professional deep carpet cleaning of your brand new carpet is actually a good idea. Brand new carpets are full of chemicals that cause strong smells as they release in the air after being installed. Some toxins in brand new carpets are VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are known to emit toxic fumes that you should not be breathing in for long periods of time.  

Should I Replace My Carpet with Eco-Friendly Carpet?

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To drastically reduce the exposure of VOCs in your home, and into the respiratory systems of the people in your home, it is a great idea to have a professional deep carpet cleaning done soon after the brand new carpet is installed in your home. While waiting for new carpets to be cleaned, you should keep your home well ventilated. Run ceiling fans, open windows if weather permits, plug in mobile fans, etc. to keep air moving and circulating.  

Volatile Organic Compounds are worst in the first 72 hours after installation. Once the smell begins to dissipate or you begin to get used to it, you may feel that the VOC danger is gone. Actually, the VOC fumes can last for several months or even years. Vacuuming and time will never fully get rid of the VOC’s in the carpet. The only way to ensure you have completely removed these chemicals is with professional deep cleaning.  

Choosing Eco-Friendly Carpet

The best care you can give to the brand new carpet you just installed is to have a hot water extraction cleaning performed by a trustworthy professional cleaning company. Start with a deep cleaning shortly after installation and then keep up with regular annual cleanings.  

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home

It is very important to keep up on professional carpet cleanings especially with brand new carpet. Professional deep cleanings prolong the life of your carpet as well as keep the warranty of your carpet intact. Read through the care manual for your new carpet ( yes new carpet does come with an owner’s manual) and you will see the terms and conditions of the carpet warranty. Most carpet warranties require routine vacuuming and professional hot water extraction cleanings at least once a year.  

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