Professional Stain Guard Vs. DIY

A carpet technician comes out to your house to give you an estimate on cleaning the carpets in your home. After seeing each area you would like clean he gives you an estimate and asks if you would like to consider having him apply a stain guard. This leads you to think the technician is trying to upsell another product to make more money from the job.

Applying stain guard to your carpet is actually one of the best things you can do for your floors.

Facts about Stain ProtectorProfessional Stain Guard Vs. DIY

1 It increases the life of the carpet and helps keep a fresh appearance

2 Nearly every new carpet is applied with stain protector in the manufacturing process but over time the protection wears away and needs to be reapplied

3 Stain guard keeps items spilled on the carpet from soaking in right away and gives you time to grab a clean cloth to blot it up before it grabs on to the fibers

So why should I have a professional apply stain protection instead of buying a product from the store and doing it myself? You may ask. Won’t it save me money?

Facts about DIY Stain guard

1 It is actually more expensive to apply your own stain guard. Stain guard sold in stores is sold in smaller amounts it would take a large amount of store product and more than one coat to equal the coverage and quality of professionally applied stain guard.

2 Store-bought product needs to be manually rubbed into the carpet meaning hard labor

3 Stain removers should be applied to a carpet that has been freshly cleaned.

4 It is hard to determine if you have correctly applied stain remover without proper training

Hiring a carpet cleaner to apply stain guard after a cleaning is the best option, not only will your carpet be happier so will you and your bank account.

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