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A Professional Upholstery Cleaning for Dingy Furniture

A Professional Upholstery Cleaning for Dingy Furniture

Posted by on May 15, 2018

Home. It’s the place where you feel safe and comfortable, the place where you can’t wait to go at the end of a long day. One of your favorite places to settle in for a night with a novel or the remote is the couch, or maybe a big slouchy chair. If that favorite piece of furniture is dingy and grimy it can quickly become an eyesore or no longer bring the comfort it used to.  A Professional Upholstery Cleaning for Dingy Furniture

With time dirt and grime build in your upholstered surfaces making them unsightly, stinky, unpleasant, and even worn out. Don’t throw that favorite piece out on the curb with a free sign just yet. Save yourself the money of investing in all new furniture and invest in professional upholstery cleaning instead. It is well worth the time and money and here’s why: 


  • Make Your Furniture Look Like New Again 

You may be surprised at the wonders a professional deep cleaning can do for your upholstery. Even if you don’t feel your furniture is actually dirty. Small bits of dirt embed themselves in your upholstery and accumulate over time. The change is so gradual that it can go unnoticed by the naked eye for quite some time, unnoticed that is, until you get a deep cleaning.  


  • Get Stains Out You Lost Hope On 

There are many great home remedies you can use to spot treat spills and stains on your furniture, but if the spot has been there for some time or you just couldn’t get it out despite your best efforts you may have decided it’s a lost cause and began to look for ways to hide that spot.  

Couch hacks to keep your furniture looking new


  • Save Money Over Purchasing New 

Many times people believe their furniture is worn out and beyond its good days. What they don’t realize is with a professional deep cleaning they may be able to restore their beloved furniture to its former glory.  


  • Extend the Life of Furniture 

With the best care you can keep your furniture in optimal shape. Each piece of furniture you purchase has an estimated proximity of how long it will hold up or last depending upon usage. Many times these estimates are going to be conservative to allow for purchasers that are not super diligent in caring for the item. With proper at home care and regular professional cleanings, you can hold on to that furniture longer than the estimated lifespan. 


  • Trained Pros Know How to Care For Different Fabrics 

Just like with laundry, different types of fabrics (and different colors), require different care and spot treatment.  Just like you wouldn’t want to put a new silk top in the washing machine on the sanitize setting with super-hot water and high agitation, you don’t want to use just any cleaner on your upholstery. If you do not have the owner’s manual for your furniture or a care tag hidden on a cushion seem it is smart to call in a professional to clean your furniture and give you some spot treatment tips for the particular fabric. Pros are trained in the care of many different types of upholstery fabrics.  


  • Uphold the Warranty 

If you purchase your furniture brand new it is still under warranty. What most people don’t know about their furniture warranty is that it has terms and conditions or the warranty will be void. One of the most important terms of your warranty is consumer care. Most warranties require the purchaser to get their furniture cleaned in a particular fashion. Many times this will include routine professional cleanings. The wrong or improper care of your furniture can void the warranty.  

For the best North Seattle area upholstery cleaning make an appointment with All Kleen. 

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