Professional Upholstery Cleaning Vs. DIY

You have noticed that it has been awhile since you have cleaned the furniture and it could use a spruce up. The arms are a bit dingy and you cant remember if it has ever had a cleaning outside of the regular vacuuming you give it on a weekly basis. So how should you go about getting the furniture to come back to its full potential? Should you hire a pro to clean the upholstery or clean it yourself?upholstery cleaning Lynnwood wa

With the large amount of DIY fixes floating around Pinterest there are many ways to clean a couch at home by hand. Not all of these methods are sure fire ways to get your furniture back in peak condition hence the term “Pinterest fail.” There are many blogs dedicated to disproving some of the projects found on Pinterest. Hand washing a couch can be very beneficial or tragic it requires a very careful and cautious person that has patience and willing to make room for trial and error.

Some furniture owners go the rentable machine DIY cleaning route. This requires some caution as well. Rentable machines do not give the amount of suction power that a professional machine does and makes it very easy for a furniture owner to apply too much moisture to their furniture resulting in the need to call a professional to remedy the problem or even a need for replacement.

Hiring a reputable pro to clean the upholstery is the only way to be sure your furniture is given the best care possible. A professional upholstery cleaner is trained to know what type of fabric is covering your furniture and the exact cleaning solutions, spot treatments, and other methods to fully and properly care for your furniture. Be sure to do your homework and hire a responsible cleaning company that guarantees their work.

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