Proper Care for Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is one of the most resilient of tile choices. With proper care you can keep your ceramic tile looking new for a long time. Here are some tips on hoe to care for ceramic tile.

-Wait at least 72 hours after the installation of new tiles before cleaning or mopping

-Be sure to use a grout sealer after the tiles have been installed this can be done on your own or by a professional cleaner
–    Use cleaners that are grout friendly be sure to check labels for great homemade tile cleaners look here

–    Test abrasive cleaners in a hidden area to be sure they will not damage your tile

–    For glazed tiles use an all purpose cleaner that is not oil based

–    For unglazed tiles use a special tile cleaner with a neutral PH

–    Mopping of tile floors should be done on a weekly basis and more often for high traffic areas

–    Rinse tile with water after each cleaning to ensure all soap and cleaning solutions are not left on tile

–    Use mats in strategic places to drastically reduce the amount of soiling brought in from outside sources. Great places to put sturdy high quality mats include at any door or entrance and any area prone to long periods of standing and traffic such as a hallway, in front sinks and vanities and appliances.

–    Use felt cushions on the bottom of furniture feet to protect tile floors from scratching

–    Have a pro reapply grout sealant regularly to prevent permanent staining

–    Only apply sealant to grout lines not to tile

–    Colored cleaning solutions should not be used on un glazed tiles

–    Refrain from using harsh bleach and ammonia products frequently on ceramic tiles

–    Use of harsh scrubbing appliances such as steel wool and harsh scrubbing sponges with metal agents should be avoided

–    Have your tile deep cleaned by a professional at least every 12 months

For stains on tile and grout you can’t remove on your own give All Kleen a call

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