Proper Care for Shag Rugs – Frisee Carpet

Shag carpet is no longer a thing of the past. In the last few years super shaggy area rugs have increased in popularity. They are alluring to homeowners who have hard surface flooring and want a super soft and luxurious place to relax, but how does a person go about keeping those very long and large carpet fibers clean? The upkeep is surprisingly not as rigorous as you may think.

Loosen Dirt and debris Proper Care for Shag Rugs - Frisee Carpet

  1. Take the rug outside and hang it over an area of railing or a sawhorse.
  2. Beat/hit the rug just hard enough with a broom or mop handle to free trapped dirt and debris hanging out in the rug.
  3. Leave the rug in a sunny but safe spot (away from wildlife) for a few hours to allow the heat of the sun’s rays to help kill bacteria and small insects such as dust mites that thrive in soft cushy surfaces.

Vacuum Regularly

  1. At least once a week use a vacuum with a high pile setting to clean your rug. If your rug is used daily by children and pets you may want to give it a quick vacuuming every night. If the rug is rarely walked on you can vacuum it as little as once a month.
  2. Set your vacuum to its highest setting. If you do not have a vacuum with height adjustment you will want to look into getting one. You will also want to use a vacuum that allows you turn off the beater bar as the whirling action will snag the carpet fibers.
  3. About once a month flip the rug over and vacuum this surface. On the backside of the rug you can and should use the beater bar. For smaller rugs stand on the edge of the rug as you push the vacuum away from you to prevent the vacuum from sucking the rug into the head.

Dry Shampoo

  1. To occasionally freshen your rug, sprinkle it with dry carpet shampoo granules.
  2. Use your unplugged vacuum cleaner  head bristles to gently massage the granules into the fibers.
  3. Let the dry shampoo sit for a few hours. Check the instructions on the shampoo package for the best amount of time.
  4. Vacuum the granules from the carpet thoroughly.

Treating Spills

  1. As with any type of carpeting you want to treat spills as soon as you see it. Use a white clean cloth or paper towel to soak up as much of the spill as possible first.
  2. Consult our home remedies page for cleaning solutions for specific spills.
  3. Be sure to test any new cleaning agents in an unseen area before using on a spill.

Yearly Deep Cleaning

Some people like to attempt deep cleaning on their own, but this is usually not a good idea especially with shag carpeting. It is best to leave the deep cleaning to the pros. About once a year you should have your shag carpet deep cleaned to remove the soil deep in the fibers that vacuums just can’t reach. Make sure to hire a trained and reputable cleaner as using the right amount of moisture is key. It is very important that your shag carpet does not stay wet too long or it will cause serious damage.

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