Purchasing Carpet on a Budget

Area rugs and wall to wall carpeting can make a home feel warm and cozy, but they can also be a very pricey investment. Some say purchasing soft floor coverings for your home can quickly turn into one of the most expensive investments in your home. Let’s look at some carpet and area rug options and how to get them at a cheaper price.Purchasing Carpet on a Budget

Wall to Wall Carpeting

When purchasing wall to wall carpet you want to make sure you are not sacrificing quality for budget. Lower quality carpets are cheaper but will need to be replaced sooner as they will not last as long even with proper carpet care. Make sure you have saved up a good amount of money. To get the best deal for your dollar check with discount warehouses, big box stores and other suppliers. Shop around and compare prices ask suppliers if they are going to be having any specials, sales, or installation cost reductions coming up.

Area Rugs

The best way to save money and get a high quality rug is to go to a carpet store and ask to see their remnants. Though this route will not offer as many color or pattern selections it will save you a ton of money and many carpet stores will bind the edges for you. Another benefit to purchasing a remnant to use as a rug is getting it cut to the exact size you need instead of being at the mercy of what is already made.

Another option if you are looking for a more unique rug is to buy from a vintage store. Just be sure to unroll it in the store and inspect for damage stain and bugs. If you purchase a vintage rug have it professionally cleaned before you bring it inside.

Carpet Tiles

Once only available for commercial spaces more and more carpet tiles are showing up in homes. Companies like FLOR offer a wide range of types and styles as well as fabrics when it comes to carpet tiles. They can be a lower cost alternative to wall to wall carpet and enable you to make custom patterns if you choose.

Whatever type of carpeting you purchase for your home make sure to care for it properly with routine vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. All Kleen is available to get those floors looking there best make an appointment online today!