Put Carpet Cleaning on Your Pre-Move in Check List

Spring is the most popular time of year to search for a new home. Buying a new home is an exciting and fun life change and moving into that new home is a lot of work. Before you bring in all the furniture and boxes there is no better time to get your home in its cleanest condition especially to have your carpets cleaned.

It could not be easier to have the trained carpet cleaning professionals come into your home and get those carpets fresh and clean than before you move everything into your new home. There is no furniture to reposition making the preparation to have your carpets cleaned easier.

The home you purchased may look clean to the naked eye but who knows how clean those carpets truly are? Unless you are buying a brand new home the carpets in your home have been used by another family and there is no way to truly know the cleaning habits of the previous owners. The only way to ensure your carpets are truly clean is to hire a professional cleaner yourself. It is an extremely good idea to have the carpets cleaned if the previous owners had pets, small children, or smoked.

Putting one more thing on your pre-move in check list can seem exasperating when you are excited to get settled into your new home. If you live in the North Seattle or Snohomish County areas All Kleen can get your carpets clean quickly and hassle free. Let All Kleen do the dirty work for you. With a truly clean home you can put your focus into unpacking boxes and getting the furniture placed just right and be one step closer to enjoying your new home.

All Kleen not only cleans carpets we can also take care of that tile and grout for you and seal your tile to repel those stains even longer. (We stain guard carpet too!)

Thank you to Don Payne for his contribution this week to our blog. Feel free to visit Don on his website http://www.visionrealty.com for information in his area.

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