Questions to Ask a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Questions to Ask a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Keeping the carpets clean in your home is important to maintain a healthy air quality and deep down clean environment in your home. Not all professional carpet cleaners are created equal and there are many companies who seem reputable but under deliver when the job is finished. Ask the right questions before hiring just any carpet cleaner with the best price.

Do You Offer A Written Up-Front Estimate?
Some companies can surprise you with hidden fees. Tell the company you are looking to hire the exact services you would like them to provide and ask them for an estimate and then ask them to put it in writing before the job begins so there is no confusion or extra fees once the job is completed.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?  Not all companies guarantee their work. Don’t get caught hiring a company that performs an unsatisfactory job leaving you to find someone else to come back and do the job correctly. A carpet cleaner that guarantees their work in writing before the job is performed will do their best to do the job right. If a mistake should occur they will come back and fix it at no cost to the customer.

Do You Use a Truck-Mounted Cleaning System? A truck mounted cleaning system ensures the deepest clean of your carpets. Companies that advertise too good to be true low prices usually offer services with push machines. These machines are akin to the ones that can be rented or purchased for do it yourself carpet cleaning. While these machines do get out some dirt they don’t get deep down into the carpet like a truck mounted cleaning system can. To ensure you are getting what you are paying for make sure the company you hire is using equipment and cleaning solutions that will get deep down dirt and allergens living in the carpet.

Are You Insured? A yes to this question will help to set you at ease in case something should go wrong. Another question to follow up the insurance question is worker’s compensation. Carpet cleaning is a labor-intensive job and as such can cause employees to sustain injuries. Make sure that if a worker is injured on you property while on the job that the company has a means of taking care of their employee.

Ask the right questions and get statements in writing before hiring any professional carpet cleaner. Do the homework to ensure you are hiring a reputable carpet cleaner.