Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Daylight savings “Spring Forward” has come and gone and the official start of spring is just days away. Spring is known for many things one of them being Spring cleaning a time most attribute to opening up the home to fresh air and getting it in top cleaning shape, a time for tasks that are ignored during the rest of the year. Some find spring cleaning exhilarating a time of refreshing and renewal while others think of it as daunting but necessary. Either way you look at spring cleaning we can all agree making it easier and less time consuming would be great. Here is a checklist to have your home felling fresh in no time.

Clean Windows. Pull screens off and lay them in the driveway grab some kerosene and wipe down both sides then rinse with warm soapy water and air dry. While the screens dry wipe down window seals and clean panes inside and out.

Revive the Curtains Take down the drapes and stick them in the air fluff cycle of the dryer with a damp cloth to attract and pull out dust.

Dust Everything Yes EVERYTHING. Take this time to pull items off of shelves and wipe down hard to reach places like ceiling fans and above kitchen cabinets.

Wash Trash cans Grab the hose and spray down the large outside trash cans. After spraying use a long handle brush and mild dish soap to clean and follow with a rinse. Lay the cans upside down to air dry.

Furniture move the furniture and clean underneath and behind it. Now is a good time to call a cleaning professional and get that upholstery deep down clean and looking new. A yearly upholstery cleaning will extend the life of your furniture.

Flooring since you are having the furniture cleaned have them stick around and do the carpets, hardwood and tile as well. The deepest clean of floors you can get is from a professional cleaning. It needs to be done at least once a year and hiring someone is the best way to go.

Refrigerator pull everything out and make a simply solution of salt and bubbly soda water to safely clean the inside.

Faucets if there is build up around faucets spray the build up with vinegar and allow it to soak for around an hour then scrub away the softened residue.

Chrome, and stainless steel. Get silver fixtures shiny new with a solution of half water and half alcohol.

Mattresses vacuum the mattresses and rotate them. To extend the life of your mattress it should be rotated four times a year.

Office take some time to get those taxes done and neatly store records away making room for the new year’s filing.

Outside wipe down outdoor furniture with warm soapy water to get it ready for more use. Consider pressure washing outdoor walkways and driveways. Remove debris from the roof and gutters.