Quick Tricks to Detox Your Home

The average home can contain hundreds of chemicals it has been estimated that nearly 400 are hanging around and some can be toxic. Exposure to chemicals is not harmful in small doses and although the effects of chemicals in the home have not been thoroughly studied it is a good idea to limit as much exposure to harmful chemicals in your home as possible. Here are some quick changes that you can make in your home to reduce you and your family’s exposure to toxins.

Take off your shoes.  Shoes can bring in a number of outside toxins like road sealant, pesticides, and even lead dust not to mention a wide array of allergens. To keep 80 percent of the nasty irritants lurking on your shoes out of your home remove them at the door. If you are not keen to the thought of stocking or bare feet keep a basket of comfy slippers to slip into upon arriving home next to the door.

Open the windows. The air in your home is probably carrying more pollutants than the air outside unless of course you have a fancy purifying system. Open up the windows whenever the weather allows getting the fresh air flowing through the home.

Stop using dryer sheets. Many dryer sheets have harmful chemicals that coat fabrics. One such chemical is acetone like that found in nail polish remover. Other chemicals in dryer sheets have been found to cause or irritate asthma. Towels are actually more absorbent without this chemical coating so nix the dryer sheets.

Air out dry-cleaned clothes. Before bringing them inside pull the plastic bag off of clothes and hang them in the garage to air out for a day. The chemicals used to dry clean can cause eye irritation, dizziness, headaches, and respiratory problems. For an alternative find a green cleaner that uses the wet cleaning method as not all green cleaners are free of chemicals.

Toss that vinyl shower curtain. Vinyl shower curtains can contain up to a 108 chemicals that can turn gaseous at room temperature and be breathed in during shower and bath time. Instead of a vinyl curtain opt for a cotton, polyester, or EVA or PEVA plastic curtain.

Make your own cleaner. There are many cleaners you can make at home with natural products. One natural cleaning solution recipe is to mix cleaning soda and natural mild liquid dish soap with hot water for a great countertop cleaner.

Dusting. All you need to dust is a simple microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth will attract dust into it instead of spreading it to a new area in the home. No need for furniture spray full of chemicals just the cloth will do. When you are finished dusting it is a good idea to vacuum as well.

Have the carpets cleaned. A green carpet cleaner can make a world of difference in your home. There are many things that hang out in your carpet and it is recommended having them cleaned every 6-12 months. Hiring a green carpet cleaning professional will not only clean the carpets in your home but also improve the air quality as well.