Rainy Season and Your Carpet

Its rainy season here in the northwest! Some may joke and say that its always rainy season here but the rain actually picks up in the fall. With all that moisture comes wet ground making it easier to track things from outside into our homes on the soles of our shoes. Here are some things you can do to keep the moisture and mud out of your carpet.

Remove Your ShoesRainy Season and Your Carpet

It is said that about 80 % of the dirt in our homes comes in from outside much of it being carried in on the soles of our feet. The best defense to outside dirt and mud is a no shoe policy in the home. It is a good idea to have guests remove shoes as well. Create a space for family and friends to remove and store shoes when they enter your home.

Wipe Pet Paws

Human feet are not the only ones that track in mud and dirt. If you have a furry family member make sure to keep a dry cloth for paw wiping at each outside entrance and don’t forget to drop it in the laundry and replace with a new cloth every few days.

Door Mats

Door Mats are a key component in the fight against dirt and mud tracked in on shoes. Each outside door in your home should have two mats, both an outdoor and indoor one. An outside matt should be a bit bulkier made of a durable rubber and a bristle like material as it is the first contact with shoes and should remove the bulk of debris. An indoor mat should be similar to a small piece of carpet wiping away small particles. Don’t forget to clean your mats often a good practice is every time you vacuum you clean the mats as well. A dirty matt is a hinderance to your fight against mud not a help.

Spot Treatment

With all the above preventative measures things happen, life is chaotic and you will probably see some dirt and mud tracked in at some point. The best way to treat these stains is to clean them as soon as they happen. Mud is a water based stain and should be easy to get out of the carpet without the use of harsh cleaning solutions. First use a dry clean white cloth to blot the area. This should lift the moisture and if you caught it soon enough the dirt out of the carpet. If the dirt stays behind after this step use some vinegar to blot the remaining stain from the outside toward the center.

Stain Guard Treatment

Nearly every carpet on the market today has a stain guard applied during manufacturing to help keep soil on the surface of the carpet and prevent it from soaking into the fibers. This stain guard does wear away over time and needs to be re-applied with every professional carpet cleaning to ensure maximum stain protection.

Deep Cleaning

It is always a good idea to have a regular annual deep cleaning to get your carpets their deepest clean. A well cared for carpet holds up better against the elements of weather and a busy family.Fall is a great time to have the carpets clean bc kids are back in school and the holidays are just around the corner.

All Kleen is ready to get your carpet in top condition and apply stain guard to help keep it that way. Make an appointment online today.