Should You Really Remove Your Shoes in the House?

There are many different opinions on whether it is truly important or necessary to have a shoe free policy inside the home. Some believe that removing shoes is vitally important to the life of your floors and ultimate cleanliness of your home while others believe it is a big inconvenience with little reward for the effort. All opinions aside let’s break down some of the reasons why people choose to have a no shoe policy in their home and if they are valid.  Should You Really Remove Your Shoes in the House?

Reason One: Removing  Shoes Reduces Bacterial Contamination

This is actually a true. Shoes are a home to many germs and bacteria this has  been found in many different scientific studies. Farmers are so aware of this fact that when they go from farm to farm they wash or change their shoes to help prevent carrying any bacteria from animals at one farm to another. Bacteria is everywhere even in the most seemingly clean environments.

A study conducted by a professor at University of Arizona Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science found that after swabbing several different people’s shoes over a four month period nearly every shoe contained bacteria that is harmful inside the human body. Removing shoes at the door definitely reduces the number of these bacteria in the home.

Reason Two: Removing Shoes Is Good for Homes with Babies and Small Children

This is true. Many parents live by the rule that a little dirt doesn’t hurt and that the more germs your young one is exposed to the more it strengthens their immune system. While this can be a valid point in some situations it isn’t necessarily true should your little one come in contact with the bacteria mentioned in reason one.

Professor Gerba the individual mentioned above from the University of Arizona, tested the level of bacteria that was left behind on a floor after people with shoes had walked across the home. He studied every footstep they took and could still find a significant amount of organisms left on the floor after every step. He went on to note that germs and bacteria love to enter the body through the mouth and babies and very young children put their hands in their mouths up to 80 times an hour. This is especially concerning for crawling children who constantly have hands on the floor.

Reason Three: Removing Your Shoes Protects the Flooring

This again is true. Shoes, even ones with the flattest and smoothest of soles will track in small bits of abrasive sand, dirt and rocks. These abrasive particles get deposited on the floors and work just like sandpaper against the surface and will wear down floors over time. The biggest enemy to the life of your floor is dirt.

If you really want to keep your shoes on the use of quality floor mats is essential. Wiping feet on mats will remove a large amount of debris from shoes.

Reason Four: Remove Shoes is Healthier for Your Feet

This is true. Shoes can create quite the fashion statement and finish off an outfit just right, but there are many shoes today that do more harm than good when worn for too long or too often. Walking barefoot has its advantages such as increasing balance, massaging the whole foot, and increasing muscular strength. Walking around barefoot outside is not ideal in most scenarios so why not give your feet a break while in your home?

Reason Four: All Shoes Are Damaging So Even Guests Should be Expected to Remove Shoes

This one is less of a true false and more of a personal opinion. While yes every shoe that walks across your floor deposits germs and dirt, the motivation behind asking your guests to remove them is entirely your own. Some home owners believe in letting their guests be comfortable and that letting them wear shoes in your home will do little damage especially if you clean the floors right after you invite someone over. This is true the occasional guest walking across your floor in shoes does little to damage it especially if it is cleaned right after.

If you are just not comfortable with germs or have a large number of people over often your views of asking people to remove shoes in your home may be different.

Whether you decide to be a “shoe free” or an “anything goes” household one thing is for sure; Cleaning is your best defense against harmful germs and to prolong the life of your floors. All Kleen has been in the professional carpet and tile cleaning business for over 30 years. We have a satisfaction guarantee and can get your floors in their best shape ever. Make an appointment online today.