Reasons to Choose Carpet For Your Remodel

In remodeling and home construction today, the popular choice for flooring is hard surface flooring, such as hardwood and tile. Carpet has not been at the top of the grand trend list especially if you watch home improvement shows on TV, but there are some very good reasons not to count carpet out if you are planning to remodel your home.  Reasons to Choose Carpet For Your Remodel

  • Cost Effective Flooring

Carpet is one of the best options for budget-friendly flooring. Carpet is a great value and there are many more options at lower price points to give you the look and style you are wanting in your newly refinished home.

  • Cost of Cleaning

Cleaning costs are also going to be lower with carpet than with some hard surface flooring options. Carpet is pretty easy to maintain with regular vacuuming and an annual professional deep cleaning.

  • Options

There are countless options to choose from if you go with carpet. Lighter colors make rooms feel spacious and open. Go with a dark color to bring in some coziness.  Beyond color and pattern, there is also pile, longer piles are softer and cozier while shorter piles are still cozy and easy to keep clean. Carpet tiles allow for you to change out your design often by just rearranging the tiles, they are also great for easy cleaning.

  • Sustainability

Carpet is actually very Eco-friendly. This was not considered important until just recently and still not a top priority for many people picking out flooring but it should be. There are many carpets on the market made of recycled materials. The carpet industry has worked pretty hard recently to provide a product that is sustainable and Eco-friendly.

  • Comfort and Warmth

Carpet adds comfort and warmth to rooms, it is especially great in areas like the northwest where it can be chilly for a good amount of the year. Carpet acts as an insulation in your home and helps keep your feet warm.

  • Air Quality

This one may be a bit surprising to some but carpet actually acts as a great air filter in your home keeping your indoor air cleaner than with hardwood floors. Carpet traps dust and allergens and as long as you keep it in top-clean condition it can be a great tool in the health of your home.

There are many great reasons to choose carpet for your home update. For more information on carpet and carpet care please browse our website. For  the best in professional carpet cleaning in the North Seattle and Snohomish County area make an appointment online.