Reasons to Have a Professional Clean Your Grout

Tile adds high style to many areas in the home including the bathroom and kitchen, but these places are also areas with high moisture and bacteria not to mention prone to spills and dirt. Due to the nature of the location in which tile is installed, it leaves grout susceptible to harboring a wide range of germs and even mold.  Reasons to Have a Professional Clean Your Grout

It is very important to stay on top of grout cleaning to keep your home clean, your grout and tile in top shape, and the members of your home healthier. Not only should grout be cleaned, it needs to be deep cleaned at least once a year by a professional and here is why.  

  • Professional High Powered Equipment  

Any method other than professional cleaning with high-powered truck-mounted equipment is going to come up short of getting deep down into the furthest areas of the pours in the grout. Only professional equipment can get your grout its cleanest clean.  

  1. Sealing 

It is especially important to have a sealant applied to grout after a professional cleaning. Sealant helps to form a protective barrier to prevent stains and bacteria from entering the deepest part of the pores. With time the sealant will wear off and need to be re-applied after the next professional cleaning.  

  • Saves Time and Elbow Grease 

Cleaning grout is a very time consuming and labor-intensive job, especially when not done with the right equipment. It may seem like a costly investment to have grout professionally cleaned, but compared to the time, cost of professional equipment to do the job right, and manual labor, it is well worth the money. Professional cleaning also lasts longer than at home DIY deep cleaning attempts. 

  • No-Risk of Damage 

Professional cleaners at reputable cleaning companies are highly trained to do the job well, efficiently, and correctly. Though tile is a sturdy material, you can damage grout by scrubbing it too hard, and if you cause enough damage it will need to be dug out and completely re-grouted, a much more annoying and time consuming endeavor than having it cleaned correctly.  

Though you can clean grout on your own, it will not be as clean as having a professional do the work with the best equipment possible and it will take a large amount of time and physical effort. If you are hoping to sanitize the deepest areas of your grout and have it look almost brand new again, the only way to go is to hire a pro.  

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