Reasons to Hire a Pro Rather than Clean the Carpet Yourself

One of the many concerns people have with professional carpet cleaning is the cost. Given the chance at a cheaper alternative most people will take it. We all like to save money right? At home and rentable carpet cleaning machines give the illusion that you can get the same clean from hiring a professional with a little bit of do it yourself work. In reality you cannot get the same level of clean that a professional carpet cleaner will provide.

Machines you can purchase in retail stores or online and rent from the nearest super market are small. These machines are meant to be portable so they need to be a lighter weight. No one is going to rent or buy a big mammoth of a machine they cant fit into their car to get it home let alone return to the store. A smaller machine gives less suctioning power. The larger industrial machines professional cleaners use are larger due to the bigger internal motors and pumps giving more strength to get the deepest down dirt.

Truly if the smaller at home machines did the same quality job as a professional carpet cleaner the professional carpet cleaner would be using the at home machines when they are hired to clean your carpets. The at home and rentable machines are cheaper and of much lighter weight so why would a professional carpet cleaner opt for a bigger bulkier more cumbersome and definitely more expensive machine?

It is quite common for customers to call up a professional carpet cleaner after they have tried to do the job themselves because one of the following has happened:

1 They just did not get the results they were hoping for. After cleaning with the recommended solution and carrying numerous buckets of cleaning solution and water and then dirty water back and for to fill the machine and empty it many people find the carpets just do not look as bright or smell as fresh as a professional cleaning.

2 Damp carpets for a long period of time. It is common to use accidentally or unknowingly use too much water with these machines causing long drying times, funny smells, and potentially even mold or mildew from too much moisture.

3 Ruined stain protectors. With too much water comes a weakened stain resistance treatment. Cleaning over time wears down these protective coatings anyway and many carpet cleaning pros can reapply that when they come to clean the carpets.

4 Browning and discoloration caused by too much moisture.

5 Shrinkage or wrinkling of the carpet again caused by too much moisture.

6 The carpet becomes dirty faster due to cleaning solution left behind that did not get fully extracted.

Most of the problems resulting from cleaning the carpet on your own stem from using too much moisture. If you have not been trained in carpet care it is easy to use too much solution or water when you are attempting to clean the carpets. All Kleen has the highest quality machines and solutions used by trained technicians to get carpets looking their best.

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