Reduce Energy Bills with Carpet

As we celebrate Earth Day this week society becomes more conscious of ways to take care of and sustain the planet we live on and call home. One of the biggest ways to do so is in our own homes. Green and energy efficient building is becoming a standard in home construction. Not just new homes are receiving the green treatment many homeowners are seeking ways to makeover the homes they already have to make them more energy efficient for the benefit of saving money on bills and reducing their footprint on the earth. Did you know installing carpetin your home could significantly reduce your heating bill?

One of the biggest home renovations done to make homes more energy efficient is insulation. Many new and renovated green homes are receiving foam insulation. Foam insulation is spayed into the walls a homes and helps to reduce the amount of outside air flow passing along a significant savings to the home owner by reducing the need for heating and cooling.

  • Carpeting works as a home insulator. The thicker the carpet the more insulation you receive. Homes with carpeted floors see at least a 10 percent heat retention during chilly months and here in Washington where much of the year tends to get chilly that is a huge help to keeping money in your pocket. Carpets have low heat induction causing less heat to be lost through the floors.
  • Carpet underlays or padding also add to the insulating power of the carpet. In fact, the padding offers more insulating power than the carpeting.  A study done by the Carpet Institute of Australia has shown that carpet and padding together can provide a home with the same insulation power as that of fiberglass insulation. The study showed that the R-value which is the measure used for insulation of 15.8 cm of fiberglass insulation is the same as that of 1/2-inch thick carpet on top of a 1/2 thick pad.

While some homeowners choose to forgo carpet it may just be a smarter more energy efficient investment to keep the heat inside the walls of your home. To keep your carpet in top shape so it can do it’s insulating magic it is best to care for it properly. The best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum regularly and have it professionally cleaned at least annually.

All Kleen uses the best in carpet technology with green eco friendly solutions to prolong the life of your carpet and keep it looking like new.

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