Reducing Vacuuming is Detrimental to Your Carpet

Vacuuming is the most important in-home care you can perform for your carpets. If there is one thing you do for your carpet it should be to regularly and properly vacuum.

Think of vacuuming your carpet like changing oil in your car. You would not ignore your routine oil change, you may wait a slight bit longer than the suggested change date because life gets in the way, but you know it is ultimately best to have that oil changed on time. If you fail to change your oil in a timely manner gunk begins to build up and the car starts to perform less than satisfactory and if ignored for too long you’ve ruined the car. Not changing the oil in a car is just not an option if you want to keep your car running.  Reducing Vacuuming is Detrimental to Your Carpet

Sadly some homeowners have come to think that regular routine vacuuming is not a necessary task and only vacuum when the carpet truly feels dirty. Dirt builds up in the carpet fairly quickly especially if you have pets or are wearing shoes in the home. Vacuuming is the first and best defense against dirt build up in the carpet. Carpets that are not vacuumed enough actually last one-third as long as carpets that are properly maintained with regular vacuuming.

Ideally, you should be vacuuming your home at least twice a week in low traffic areas and more often for high-traffic areas. The more dirt you vacuum out of the fibers the less there is to wear them down.

Another thing many homeowners are probably unaware of is that there is a proper way to vacuum and a wrong way to vacuum. Instinct tells most of us just to run the machine over the floors as quickly as possible to get the job done, but this is incorrect. The best way to vacuum the floors is to slowly move the machine over the floor and in much of the same way that you would mow a lawn. Go in rows and overlap them so you do not miss a spot. You want to go more slowly while you are pulling the vacuum back toward you as this is when most of the suction occurs.

Make sure to stay on top of cleaning out the bag or canister. It is best to start each vacuuming session with a completely empty bag or canister for the best results. Your vacuum should be taken apart and rinsed with clean soapy water every one to two months as well to keep it in top cleaning performance.

In addition to vacuuming you will want to have a yearly professional carpet cleaning performed as well. Over the course of a year there will be debris that gets way deep down into the fibers that a vacuum can no longer reach. The best way to clean this debris is with high powered professional equipment.

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Image adapted from By Nohau – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,