How to Remove Alcohol Spills from Carpet

If you are hosting this year’s New Year’s Eve  bash you may run into an alcohol spill or two on your carpeting. The site of the red wine or party punch may have you freaking out. If you treat the stain as soon as you see it there’s no need to stress. With the right cleaning solution you will be able to get those spills out and your carpet back to its original state in no time.

Use these steps to begin your alcohol cleanup process:    How to Remove Alcohol Spills from Carpet

-Grab a small bucket or a bowl and mix up a cleaning solution of mild detergent and warm water. We suggest something like Dawn dishwashing liquid

-use a clean white cloth or a paper towel and dip into the solution. Next blot the affected area beginning from the outside edges working toward the center, this way you will avoid spreading the stain out further to clean areas of the carpeting. You will also want to avoid rubbing the carpet with your cloth or paper towel as you could damage the carpet fibers. Instead you want to allow the cloth to soak up the alcohol with gentle blotting.

-If you have a remaining stain once the alcohol no longer soaks into a clean area of cloth mix 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water together and fill an  empty clean spray bottle with the solution. Spray the alcohol stain  with the vinegar solution and blot up the alcohol again with a clean white cloth or paper towel. The vinegar will neutralize the alcohol as well as the odor in the stain.

-once the stain has lifted use yet one more clean cloth to blot the area with cold water and rinse out any remaining solution. Continue to blot with a clean area of cloth or paper towel until all solution has been removed.

-Take yet one more clean dry cloth and absorb as much extra moisture out of the carpet as possible. Allow the area to dry thoroughly and go over it with a vacuum cleaner to re- fluff the carpet fibers

Cleaning up spilled wine:

If you are dealing with a  wine spill  in the carpet you will need to follow the above procedure but repeat step one after blotting first with cold water. After doing step one blot with cold water again.

Another method to try with a wine spill is to first blot all excess moisture up with a clean cloth or towel and mix a few drops of dish soap into a cup or two of hydrogen peroxide.  Use a sponge to gently scrub the mixture into the stain and it should disappear like magic before your eyes.

Helpful tips:

-Always use a white cloth or plain white paper towel as colored cloths and towels may bleed die into your carpeting.

-As stated above make sure to blot from the outside of the stain into the center to avoid smearing and smudging the stain out further.

-It is best to try new cleaning solutions that have not been used before in an inconspicuous area of your carpeting to test for colorfastness. A good spot to do this would be in a carpeted closet or the corner of a room.

If you have tried home remedies on your alcohol stain to no avail it is time to call in the cleaning pros. All Kleen Carpet Cleaning has a team of highly trained professionals ready to get out your toughest party stains out. Make an appointment online today.


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