How to Remove Pet Hair From Upholstered Furniture

Pets add so much to the quality of our lives. They are not just fixtures in our homes, they are furry family members. We love our pets for many reasons, but what may not be loved is the hair they shed and leave behind on the furniture and even our clothing. There is a way to clean up the hair and take measures to reduce the amount of hair so that we don’t end up wearing pet hair wherever we go.  How to Remove Pet Hair From Upholstered Furniture

To Remove Pet Hair from Your Upholstered Furniture 

Start your pet hair removal efforts with your vacuum. To ensure your vacuum is working with its best suction power, empty the bag or canister completely. Now that the vacuum is empty, use the upholstery attachment tool on the end of the hose working slowly in overlapping rows. Don’t forget to get deep into the crevices. After the first vacuuming grab an anti-static spray and lightly spray the entire surface. Follow the spray with a gentle brushing. You can use a microfiber cloth, cellulose sponge, a pair of rubber cleaning gloves, or rubber-edged squeegee to brush after the anti-static spray. Empty the hair out of the vacuum and give the piece of furniture another thorough vacuuming with the upholstery attachment. If needed finish up with a lint roller (they make larger ones to use on upholstery) or tape wrapped sticky side out around your hand to grab any last pieces of hair.  

Reduce the Amount of Pet Hair in Your Home with These Simple Tricks 

  • Vacuum your upholstered furniture and floors often. Much of the pet hair that ends up on your clothes comes from the furniture you hang out on. Depending upon how heavily your pet sheds, you may want to make a habit of vacuuming nightly.  
  • Wash pet bedding frequently. Ideally, you have bedding for your pet that can easily be placed into the washing machine. If you don’t you may want to replace it with washable bedding. Wash bedding weekly. When drying the bedding, clean the lint filter in the middle of the cycle, this will allow the dryer to more efficiently pull hair from the bedding in the last half of the cycle. After washing pet bedding make sure to run a cleaning cycle in your washer and diligently clean out the lint trap of the dryer to ensure pet hair does not end up in the next load of laundry.  
  • For clothing and bedding covered in pet hair, put them in the dryer first on an air only fluff cycle with no heat before sticking them in the washer. The tumbling of the dryer helps to loosen hair, make sure to immediately clean out the lint trap.  
  • More helpful tips for laundering clothes and bedding with pet hair: 
  1. Add half a cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle  to relax fibers and release hair. 
  2. Be mindful not to overload the washing machine, items need plenty of room to move in the water and shed the hair. 
  3. Tossing clothes with hair in the dryer even if just for a few minutes will help remove pet hair more than air drying. 
  4. Liquid fabric softener or a dryer sheet will help to coat fabric fibers, reduce static, and prevent hair from hanging on to the fabric. 

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Helps 

A professional cleaning and upholstery sealing can do wonders for your hair covered furniture. A professional cleaning can get all of the deep down dirt and hair in the fibers of your fabric. A cleaning followed with stain guard can help to prevent hair from grabbing hold of fibers and holding on for dear life.  

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