Shoe polish is a great way to breath life into a pair of well loved shoes. So you pull out the polish in hopes to revive that pair that would look perfect with your new spring outfit. You get your shoes looking perfect and strut around the home in your new wardrobe only to discover there is a trail of shoe polish everywhere you have been.  

Don’t fret, even though your shoes are looking great and your flooring isn’t and it may seem like you just dyed all the flooring in your home there is a way to reverse the damage.

Glass or Ceramic Tile

  • Make a solution of warm water and gentle dish soap and add just a few drops of ammonia
  • Get a clean white cloth or sponge and dip into the sudsy ammonia solution
  • Apply the sponge to the affected area and gently scrub
  • Once the stain is clean rinse well with clean water and wipe dry

Stone Tile

  • Gently scrape excess polish with a clean sharp razor, it is good to apply a conditioner like stone medic to lubricate the blade and prevent scratching
  • Use acetone and a clean white cloth to clean any polish still on the tile
  • If the stain remains make a poultice from warm water,bleach, and powder detergent and apply to the stain and let sit until oil has been drawn out
  • Once polish is removed rinse thoroughly with water


  • Use a mixture of warm water and dish soap with a clean white cloth and scrub at the shoe polish.
  • If the shoe polish is not easily wiped away dip a toothbrush wet with water into some baking soda, use the toothbrush to gently scrub the spot and rinse well with clean water then dry


  • Use the dull side of a butter knife or a spoon to gently scrape any solid pieces away
  • Get some dry cleaning solvent from a home dry cleaning kit like Dryel and gently blot the stain until all liquid has disappeared.
  • Mix two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of ammonia and one table spoon of gentle hand dish washing soap
  • Apply the the dish soap solution directly to the stain and continue to blot the stain slowly absorbing the liquid
  • Pour a small amount of cold water onto the stain and continue to blot dry


If you are unable to remove shoe polish from the tile, grout or carpet in your home don’t hesitate to give All Kleen a call. We are ready to treat your toughest tile and carpet stains. Make an  appointment online today.

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