Remove Stubborn Smoking Odors from Carpet

Smoke odors in carpeting or any type of fabric can be the most stubborn of odors. Smoke odors whether caused by cigarettes, cigars, furnace blow back, or fire can seem impossible to remove. While the process of completely removing these odors is time consuming and requires a little bit of labor it is not a lost cause in all cases. With a little patience and determination you can be breathing easier and restore your carpet to like new.

Step One

Refrain from using agents that could “mask” the odor. The goal is to remove the smoke smell not to cover it up. Covering up the smell will only bring the odors back once the masking agent has dissipated. The only way to rid yourself of smoke smells to extract them from the carpet. Likewise it is tempting to light a candle or spray some fabric refresher while you are waiting for the smoke particles to be extracted but this will only hinder the process. To truly know the smell is gone you must resist air fresheners and scents until the smoke particles have been removed.

Step Two

Sprinkle Baking Soda in a generous amount over the carpet. For large areas it may be helpful to fill a large colander or strainer from the kitchen and gently shake or sprinkle the floor. Be sure that every area of the carpet has been sprinkled. Leave the baking soda for several hours to absorb smoke particles for the best results leave overnight.

Step Three

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Before vacuuming, be sure your canister or vacuum bag is empty just as you would before your regular weekly vacuuming. Avoid clogging the lines in your vacuum by cleaning one small area of the carpet at a time. To help keep the vacuum clear, run your vacuum over a clean area of flooring for a few minutes in between cleaning small areas of baking soda coated carpet.

Step Four

It may also be helpful to place bowls of baking soda or vinegar in shallow containers around the room to continue to absorb the odor for a few days. If you use vinegar there may be a vinegar odor in the room that will dissipate quickly once you have removed the vinegar after a few days of absorbing smoke particles.

Step Five

If those stubborn smoke particles are still holding on for dear life then it is time to call in thecarpet cleaning pros. Hot water extraction and the right professional cleaning solution can work wonders to remove smoke odors but in some severe cases may not always work.

Step Six

If you have tried everything possible including experienced professional cleaners you may still find hope renting an ozone generator for a few days.

If smoke smells still persist after all of you hard work and patience it is unfortunately time to consider replacing your carpet.

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