Removing Christmas Tree Stains From Carpet and Floors

Nothing beats a real fresh-cut Christmas tree. The smell and the beauty are amazing and feel the room with cheer. What is not so cheery though is having to remove the tree from your home after the holiday is over. Sometimes during the removal process, things can get messy and a stain or two can end up on the carpet.  

When you first discover the stain on the carpet you may feel panic or worry and then wonder how on earth you are going to get it out. Do not fret, with a little know-how, some gentle care, and quick response you can have Christmas tree stain removal success.  

Follow these Christmas tree stain cleaning tips for different types of stains that can be left behind after Christmas tree removal.  

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Sap Stain Clean-Up

Sap is quite possibly the most concerning of Christmas tree stains in the carpet, because it is sticky and brown. With a little patience, it can be removed. First, moisten a plain white paper towel or plain white cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Gently blot the area of carpet with the sap and let the rubbing alcohol dissolve the sticky stuff away. Continue to gently blot until all of the sap is gone. Use a clean area of cloth to continue to blot at the stain until it is gone or no longer lifting out of the carpet 

Dye From the Tree Skirt 

Start the same way as you would with the sap. Moisten a clean plain white towel or cloth with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and blot to transfer the dye from the carpet into the cloth. Use a new clean area to blot and transfer dye until the color is no longer transferring out of the carpet. Next use a new plain white cloth or towel dipped into a solution of a few drops of mild hand dishwashing soap and warm water and blot the dye to transfer the rest out of the carpet.  

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Dirty Tree Water from the Stand 

It is not uncommon for the tree stand to tip a little bit as the tree is being removed and for dirty water to spill out onto the floor. Begin by soaking up the excess water with a dry towel. Once you have soaked up as much water as possible, use some hand dishwashing soap and water and blot the stain until it is gone. When the stain is removed place a new plain white towel on the wet area and weight it down with something heavy to get the floor as dry as possible.  

If a stain remains after your best efforts to spot treat the area, it is a good idea to call a professional carpet cleaner to help remove the stain. Sometimes it might require the strength of professional equipment to remove.  

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